Our ESG Strategy

Underpinning our ESG strategy is our belief that true value creation stretches beyond economic value and ensures our stakeholders always get something out.

Long-term overall Net-Zero commitment by 2050 enabled by:

Climate Change Strategy and Roadmap, and Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability Policy

Carbon footprint reduction of our service provider network

Work with service providers to contribute to decarbonisation beyond our direct operational footprint


Support funding decarbonised and green investments

Own operations

2050 internal targets with interim targets for reduction of GHG emissions, energy and water use and waste management

  • Opportunity to use stakeholder education to manage climate-related risks and drive change by supporting customers to decarbonise their activities through products and services we offer
  • 2050 target with interim targets
Our people
  • Employee health, safety and well-being
  • Workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Training and career development opportunities
  • Human rights
Our communities, customers, products and services
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Customer privacy and data security
  • Consumer education
  • Responsible marketing
  • Affordable and accessible products and services
  • Staff Helping SA OUT and Pointsmen initiatives to serve our communities
Supply chain
  • Diverse and inclusive procurement practices
  • Supplier development programmes
  • Treating suppliers fairly framework
  • Prompt payment, speedy feedback on performance
Effective governance leading to:
  • Good performance against financial and non-finanial strategy.
  • Effective control and compliance with regulatory standard and expectations.
  • Embedding an ethical culture which is inclusive and diverse, and which demonstrated responsible corporate behaviour.
  • Stakeholder inclusivity and alignment.
  • Responsible remuneration practices which are aligned with strategy, regulations and shareholder outcomes.
  • Responsible corporate citizen.